Club Decadence London

a Night of Corruption, Debauchery, Depravity, Self-Indulgence and Excess…



 Debauchery · Corruption · Depravity · Indulgence · Excess

~ oOo ~

Decadence is one of Europe’s premier BDSM playing clubs and has been for 9 years.

Famous for its uniqueness, you will be met at the door by our stunning head Dominatrix and her harem of slaves

Who are at your disposal to show you round the club.  The emphasis is on Fetishism and Dungeon play.

These displays are visual feasts of eroticism, originality and creativity.

We take our love of music seriously and currently have some of the best Dj’s

on the scene bringing you an unparalleled experience.

Whilst insisting on a high standard of dress code

(no effort, no entrance),

we have the reputation of being one of the friendliest and most welcoming clubs.

The biggest difference between Decadence and other clubs is that this is not a commercially driven enterprise.

We have remained true to our original ideas and savour our originality.

We only use up market/private venues or clubs which do not have the same amount of restrictions and rules as most fetish clubs have.

In our Dungeon you will find a range of equipment to accommodate all your desires.

The Dungeon opens at midnight with an opening show

Where you will see some an amazing BDSM show to create a Wow.

Indulge your darkest fantasies in safety and privacy under the trained eyes of our Dungeon Monitors.

We always have Erotic performances & extravaganzas…

We also have a restricted Couple’s Only room which is much more spacious

than you will find anywhere else.


You cannot buy membership; it is given out personally.

  We have done from the start.

Personal invite membership is what keeps our atmosphere friendly,

non pushy and truly welcoming.

Whether you are new or a true pro, into BDSM or Swinging or just into the music and fashion,

 Decadence will be your perfective night out.

We are a truly Debauched, Corrupt, Depraved,

Indulgent, Excessive and Decadent Family.



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